All JCQ AOs in England and Wales who use EDI (AQA, OCR, Pearson, WJEC) or Edifact (Pearson) now support SHA256 in production environments.

This means that centres can now start switching over from the A2C Migration Application to an MIS integrated transport.

Your MIS supplier will be in contact when they are ready. Capita F&HE has started their rollout. Please note that Capita SIMS support for SHA256 is in their new version of SIMS so will not be available to secondary schools until the product is released (expected end 2017/beginning 2018).

Centres with an MIS that do not have an integrated transport available should continue to use the A2C Migration Application and this will continue to be supported by JCQ awarding organisations whilst it is being used by customers.

Please contact your MIS supplier if you have any further questions regarding the switch from the Migration Application to an MIS integrated transport.