Following a review of the A2C programme, the JCQ board has agreed that JCQ awarding organisations will support:

  • Rollout of an integrated transport to replace the A2C Migration Application.
  • Using the new A2C message formats for vocational qualifications.

Some of the JCQ awarding organisations have stated an intention to move to the new A2C message formats for general qualifications (GCSE and GCE) and some have not.

Integrated Transport

To send and receive EDI messages between centres and awarding organisations you currently use the A2C Migration Application. This was intended as a temporary solution whilst suppliers build the functionality into their MIS.

Integrating the transport into your MIS will mean that you will be able to manage sending entries and receiving results from within your MIS rather than exporting and importing files for separate transmission using the Migration Application. Once you have transferred the transport to your MIS you will be able to stop using the Migration Application.

Your supplier will be in contact with you once they are ready and will issue instructions on how to transfer access keys from the Migration App to the MIS. Implementation will vary according to which MIS you use, but it is expected that the process will be very similar to what you’re used to with the A2C Migration Application. Support for the migration will be offered by your supplier. The access keys you already use for the Migration Application will be reused, but AOs will provide support for any access problems.

Vocational Qualifications (VQ)

The new A2C message format will initially be used for the following vocational

  • Pearson’s (Edexcel) vocational qualifications for schools and colleges (including BTECs)
  • All City & Guilds qualifications
  • OCR’s vocational qualifications
  • All NCFE qualifications

It is expected that other AOs will be offering vocational qualifications through A2C in due course, in particular:

  • SQA vocational qualifications
  • Other FAB awarding organisations are developing A2C solutions and will inform their customers when they are ready.

We expect the rollout for VQ to start in September 2018. Exact timings will depend on your supplier and the awarding organisation responsible for the qualifications.

General Qualifications (GCSE and GCE)

Pearson and CCEA are currently in discussion with suppliers about using the new A2C message format for general qualifications and we will issue an update in due course.

In the meantime, EDI messages and the A2C Migration Application will continue to be supported by all awarding organisations currently using the JCQ EDI format for general qualifications.

Chris Wiltshire, A2C Programme Director