September 2011
All JCQ centres using an MIS in conjunction with a VAN carrier can download the JCQ migration application in line with guidance as issued by Avco Systems.

September 2012

By this point, centres should have downloaded the migration application and stopped using their VAN carriers; carrier contracts could be terminated at this point. More information on the migration application can be found here.

May 2013
Decision to align A2C with ISB.

March 2014
Version 1.2 of the A2C specification published. This is the baseline version which MIS Suppliers and Awarding Organisations used to develop their systems.

September 2015 – February 2016
We have completed a small but very successful pilot of A2C with Capita SIMS, involving CCEA, WJEC and OCR in Northern Ireland and Wales: these Awarding Organisations processed all the entries made via A2C for a variety of qualifications, and the results were returned through A2C in January 2016.

August 2016
The JCQ board decided to proceed with MIS integrated transport (replacing the A2C Migration Application) and with the use of A2C for vocational qualifications. Individual Awarding Organisations may use A2C for general qualifications (GCSE and GCE) or continue using EDI. See JCQ Statement 19/8/2016.