Some Awarding Organisations use commercial systems.  The following are being upgraded to support A2C:

Parnassus (Gordon Associates)

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Gordon Associates is a software house specialising in the provision of software solutions to awarding organisations.  Parnassus is their awarding body management portal, which enables centres to register learners and upload achievement online, as well as a wide range of other functions.

Over the next 12 months Parnassus will be extended to take advantage of A2C in order to provide improved data transfer with centre systems.  Having been involved from the early stages of the project, Gordon Associates is committed to the A2C program and to the huge benefits that it will provide for both awarding organisations and centres: reduced administration, improved data accuracy, faster turnaround times and much more.

See for further details.

Quartz (Portico Consulting)

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Quartz is a market-leading IT system for AOs and EPAOs and builds on Portico’s unrivalled experience of over 20 years developing and supporting operational and management systems for awarding organisations.  Over 35 awarding organisations have chosen the Quartz system to manage the development and quality assurance of qualifications, and the achievement, assessment records and certifications of millions of registered learners, and relationships with many thousands of centres.

Quartz is a uniquely comprehensive system supporting the business management and entire operational and quality-assurance processes through a single integrated information system.  This support includes registrations, awarding, certification and AuthentiQual® eCertification & Wallet (mobile device wallets); qualification development; business development, sales and marketing; centre approval and centre management; compliance and quality assurance; automated work-flow management; and support for EPAOs.

Quartz offers functionality to support core and additional operational areas of the work of AOs with innovative functionality and interoperability.  These features are built-in – not bolted on.

Quartz provides multiple data input options, and tightly integrates with eAssessment and Finance systems, and with the PLR and LRS, and includes A2C compliance.  There are no add-on modules required – all the functionality is included in the Quartz product as well as monthly release updates and full customer support.

For more information and to arrange an online demonstration tailored to your specific requirements, please call our offices on 01483 226 910, email or visit our website


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Creatio delivers proven work based solutions for both awarding organisations and centres to support a variety of their qualification delivery and learner-based arrangements.

Their learner registration and certification module has been developed from the ground up to align with the A2C data architecture and will be fully integrated to the A2C landscape as the project develops.

See for further details about Creatio or contact them for an informal meeting and discussion around their system and integration plans.

Red Sky IT

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Avco is developing an A2C solution for FAB Awarding Organisations.

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