The A2C programme is bringing significant improvements to the way data is shared between awarding organisations and centres. The standards being rolled out as part of this programme are based on the ISB data standards model commissioned by Department of Education and it is our expectation this model will be adopted by other key educational bodies so that we achieve joined up ways of working and aligned data structures in the future.

The A2C programme is being delivered by JCQ, its awarding organisations and MIS (Management Information System) Suppliers in collaboration and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.

This area of the JCQ website provides an overview of the A2C programme as well as information for all stakeholders.

If you do not use an MIS for your exam processing you will not be affected directly by A2C; all Awarding Organisations will continue to support their existing extranets.

For latest news see the A2C News page.

The A2C Transport Application is available to users who do not have an A2C compliant MIS.  It can be downloaded from