A2C Specification Download

Below are the numbered sections of the A2C Specification version 2017

You can download the entire specification as one ZIP file. Alternatively individual sections can be downloaded separately.

Please note that you need to provide an email address only once.

This does not affect the A2C Migration Application.

If you are a centre with a commercial MIS system your supplier will be implementing A2C and will notify you when an upgrade is available. Only centres with their own "homegrown" systems need to implement A2C themselves.

The A2C Entity Blocks Schema (xsd) is published separately from the spec.The current version is 9.3. It is included in the ZIP file or can be downloaded separately from the link below.

If you are actively implementing A2C it is strongly recommended that you obtain access to the A2C sharepoint site. This contains much supplementary information such as Best Practice, xml examples, AO specific details, etc. To obtain access please email a2cenquiries@jcq.org.uk; you will need a Microsoft registered email address.

Title Click to download
A2C Specification 2017 - Complete Download ZIP
01 Introduction Download PDF
04 Centre Set-up Notification Download PDF
05 Product Catalogue Download PDF
06 Order Processes Download PDF
07 Centre Assessed Outcomes and Award Claims Download PDF
08 Attendance Download PDF
09 Results Download PDF
10 AO to Centre Notifications Download PDF
12 Feedback Messages Download PDF
13 Data Architecture Download PDF
14 Solutions Architecture Download PDF
15 A2C Transport Specification Download PDF
Appendix 1 Business Data Architecture Detail Download Excel
Appendix 2 Type Lists and Harmonised Values Download Excel
Appendix 3 TDBUM and Service Codes Download Excel
Appendix 4 XML Schema Design Download PDF
Appendix 5 Business Data Architecture Diagrams Download PDF
Appendix 7 Feedback Messages Detail Download Excel
Appendix 8 Glossary Download Excel
A2C Entity Blocks Schema Download ZIP