If you have a query regarding the Migration Application, please look for your awarding organisations contact details here: http://a2c.avcosystems.com/Help/Contact

If you have any further queries about the A2C programme, please email us at a2cenquiries@jcq.org.uk. Please ensure you provide us with your contact details so we are able to reply to you.

If you receive support for your MIS from C2K (Northern Ireland schools), a Local Authority or another third party rather than directly from the MIS Supplier, you should not contact Capita Sims directly but must go through C2K.

If you are a third party supplier for MIS in centres or if your supplier is not listed here please let us know.

If you receive support for your MIS directly from your supplier please see contact details here.

Contacts for JCQ Awarding Organisations are below.

Telephone: 0844 209 6614
Email: eos@aqa.org.uk

Entries, Results and Certification Team
Telephone: 02890 261 262
Email: entriesandresults@ccea.org.uk

Pearson (Edexcel)
Telephone: 0344 463 2535
Email: eprocessing@pearson.com

Telephone: 01223 553998
Email: general.qualifications@ocr.org.uk

Telephone: +44 1223 553554
Email: International@cie.org.uk
Website: www.cie.org.uk

Telehone: 029 20 265000
Email: info@wjec.co.uk