The Transport Application transmits EDI files over the new A2C transport. The A2C implementation will involve an upgrade to your MIS. Once you have an A2C compatible MIS the Transport Application will no longer be used and can be decommissioned. For more details on the A2C phases, please see How?

The Transport Application replaced the VANs for JCQ Awarding Organisations. If you were using the VAN contract only for JCQ AOs you can cancel your contract.

Please email asking to be added to the implementation forum and for an invite to the online user group meetings. You will need a Microsoft registered email address.

There is a separate FAQ for homegrown centres.

You will be able to switch to A2C one Awarding Organisation at a time. However, it is recommended that you switch at the same time to reduce the administrative burden of managing both EDI and A2C orders. Your MIS supplier will provide guidance on the switchover. More detail on the switchover can be found here.

You will need to make sure that your MIS supplier is aware of your requirements and provides a suitable export of the data you need.

Yes, all JCQ secure AO extranet services will remain available throughout the A2C transition period and beyond.  AO extranet sites will be updated to reflect the new standards and processes currently being developed.

You will be able to continue using AO extranet services.

BTEC and Edexcel are not Awarding Organisations, but brand names used by Pearson. Please see Pearson for information about BTEC and Edexcel.

The A2C Transport Application itself does not store any data and therefore does not require a privacy notice.

The A2C Transport Application retains a log of files sent and received.

The location of the Outbox and Inbox is defined in the Settings tab.

Centres should consider these files for GDPR and UK data protection compliance and the folders should have appropriate security.

The data processed through the A2C Transport Application is not sent to, received by, nor stored by the JCQ.

A2C messages are encrypted and the standard meets the requirements of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) for data in transit.

You are responsible for the security of files stored on your systems. However, AOs take responsibility for messages in transit. For outgoing messages as soon as they are sent they are the responsibility of the AO. For incoming messages the AO is responsible until you have received the message and it is written as a file in your inbox.

No, you do not require either a privacy notice or a data privacy agreement with the JCQ. Any data in your inbox or outbox within the Transport App is not held by or processed by JCQ, it is stored within your exam centre and/or your MIS. Any data sent by or sent to an awarding organisation is held by them.

If you have any questions on who is a data controller, please consult the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

For more information on each awarding organisation’s data protection policies, please visit their respective pages:






Cambridge International

It is used by all the JCQ awarding organisations that use the JCQ EDI format: AQA, CCEA, OCR, Pearson and WJEC/CBAC. It is also used by Cambridge International.

It is not used by SQA, City & Guilds or NCFE as they do not use the JCQ EDI format.

Basedata is obtained from each Awarding Organisation’s web site. It is not distributed using the A2C Transport Application as the awarding organisations do not necessarily know which files you require. Links to the download pages are listed below:






Some qualifications are available only with explicit approval. Centre-specific basedata is available only from AO secure extranets.

Cambridge International basedata is available to customers by logging into

Pearson bespoke basedata is available on request and available by logging into

Some MIS are developing support for converted product catalogues, which will be used in place of basedata, but still using the EDI entry and amendment files. In some MIS you will be able to subscribe to particular types of qualification from particular awarding organisations and the MIS will automatically download and process catalogues (including any updates) as they are made available.

Click the link below for further FAQs.

A2C and EDI Transport App FAQ