The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) process is no longer fit for purpose. EDI, which has been in use for over twenty years to allow JCQ Awarding Organisations to exchange information with centres who wish to place orders and receive outcomes for general and vocational qualifications, is unable to support the broad range of qualifications that are currently on offer. It relies heavily on outdated technology and processes that have become inefficient and difficult to use.

The A2C programme has been set up to provide an effective solution to this issue; the objective is to provide new standards for data exchange, align data structures with the ISB data standards model which has been commissioned by Department of Education, and to ensure quality, consistency and ease of use for awarding organisations and centres.

The A2C programme has the following vision statement:

In line with the ISB data standards model, JCQ is working collaboratively with awarding organisations and suppliers of management information systems to agree and embed a common set of best practice standards, including new data structures, business processes and messaging that will transform the way in which our customers are able to select and utilise general and vocational qualification products and services, allowing them to make informed choices on a cost effective and fit for purpose basis.