JCQ is the single collective voice for its member awarding bodies on vocational issues.


JCQ members – AQA, CCEA, City & Guilds, NCFE, OCR, Pearson, SQA and WJEC – develop and deliver the greater proportion of all vocational qualifications in each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, supporting learners in achieving and progressing in their studies and in demonstrating skills and competence to future employers.


JCQCIC’s vision for vocational education

Vocational qualifications give learners the key skills that employers need. We want to see all learners able to fulfil their potential through world class academic and vocational education and training, developing skills which are recognised by rigorous, dependable qualifications which are designed to fit the needs of those learners and employers.

Vocational qualifications change lives. All the evidence shows that there is a strong and positive relationship between achieving success in vocational qualifications and the likelihood of being in work, achieving higher levels of income and going on to achieve in other qualifications.


JCQ Vocational Group

JCQ’s vocational group is made up of representatives from each of its member organisations to provide an informed voice and to reach common positions where appropriate.  The group considers, advises on and responds to policy issues affecting vocational qualifications, the students and learners who study for them, and the employers and other education providers who rely on them.  In doing this, the group talks direct to government, regulators and funding bodies in the four nations of the UK, and stakeholder bodies such as UKCES and UCAS.

The Group gives JCQ

  • an informed voice on vocational issues

  • the opportunity to engage with stakeholders on the full breadth of qualifications

  • a forum in which collaborative research and analysis on vocational issues can be carried out, which may or may not result in a joint position but which will support informed comment.