Post-results services

Post Results Services are only available to candidates sitting GCSE, GCE, Principal Learning & Projects (including Extended Project).

Centres with candidates who have not achieved the grade(s) that were expected of them may wish to pursue an Enquiry About Results (EAR) on behalf of a single candidate or a whole cohort.  It is imperative the centre has written permission from each candidate concerned before processing a request for clerical re-checks or a post-results review of marking.  The candidate must fully understand that their marks for a given assessment may change following a Service 1 or Service 2 EAR and this could result in subject grades being raised or lowered.

There are four EAR services available:

1.                   Clerical checks

2.                   Review of original marking

3.                   Review of original moderation

4.                   Access to scripts

For more information regarding these services, please see the JCQ publication ‘Post Results Services’.

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