The GCSE, ELC Level 1 and 2 Principal Learning Foundation and Higher Projects and GCE, FSMQ, AEA, Extended Project Level 3 Principal Learning results data is published to centres by the JCQ member Awarding Bodies on a fixed date following each examination series.

For more information, or to look up a particular results date, please see the JCQ publication ‘Key Dates’ for the current academic year on the JCQ website.

Electronic results data is made available to centres by Awarding Bodies from midnight on Wednesday. The Head of Centre and exams office staff may check the results files to ensure that each candidate has received the grade(s) that were expected of them and to identify any candidates with anomalous results on whose behalf the centre may wish to pursue an Enquiry About Results (EAR). For more information regarding EARs, please see the JCQ publication ‘Post Results Services’ for the current academic year.

All results information must remain entirely confidential and cannot be divulged to or discussed with other teachers, candidates or parents, educational institutions and local authorities, the press or any other persons.

The Awarding Bodies reserve the right to withdraw the special concession of providing early information about results electronically to any centre which is found to be in breach of these requirements.

Candidates may receive their results from eight am on Thursday. The centre will issue each candidate with a printed results slip confirming their provisional results to enable those candidates who will be moving on to a College or Higher Education Institution or entering the world of work to demonstrate their achievements.

Certificates will be issued by Awarding Bodies later in the year, following the conclusion of any Enquiries About Results. The certificate is the final record of a candidate’s achievement(s).