The Assessment Cycle

1.ENTRIES/REGISTRATION Schools/colleges register students or make entries for assessments 2. TAKE ASSESSMENT Students carry out internal assessment or take examinations 3. CENTRE MARKING Schools/colleges mark the internal assessment & conduct internal standardisation 4. MARKS SUBMISSION Schools/colleges submit the marks /grades to awarding organisations 5. EXERNAL ASSESSMENT/ QUALITY ASSURANCE Awarding organisations mark assessments, moderate or verify internal assessments & marks 6 CASH-IN / CLAIM Centres inform the awarding organisation that a student requires units to be aggregated to produce an overall outcome 7. RESULTS ISSUED The awarding organisation will issue results and certificates. 8. POST-RESULTS SERVICES Schools / colleges can query results and seek a review

The Assessment Cycle should be considered in conjunction with the
Glossary of terms.


General qualifications such as GCSEs and A Levels are ‘linear’*.

Most examinations are externally assessed.
Vocational qualifications have a range of different structures and models. For example, some are ‘modular’ or ‘unitised’, others are linear.

Assessments can be a mixture of internal assessments and external assessments.
Assessment takes place at one point, which is at the end of a student’s course.For ‘modular’ qualifications, assessments are taken over the course of their programme of study, after each module is completed.

For linear qualifications, all assessments are taken at the end of the student’s course.
Students receive an overall qualification grade.Students receive an overall qualification grade.
Results are mainly issued in August.Results are mainly issued in the summer for students progressing to university or employment.

However, for some, vocational qualifications, results can be issued throughout the year when students have achieved enough units.


*In England all General Qualifications are linear, however modular qualifications are available in other jurisdictions. The table outlines the process for linear qualifications.