Within this section you will find the most essential JCQ documents which will help you in your role as an examinations officer. This section has been structured in line with the key activities of the exam cycle, ranging from key dates, access arrangements, conducting exams to results and post results services. Click the links below to view more information.

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Centre Queries

Should you require any clarification or guidance on any aspect of examination administration please email centresupport@jcq.org.uk.

If you have a query relating to a candidate who may require access arrangements, or require further clarification in respect of the JCQ publication ‘Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments’ please send an e-mail message to centresupport@jcq.org.uk.

You will receive a prompt written response to your query. This will allow you, and indeed the JCQ, to have an electronic record of the information conveyed.

The JCQ will only accept queries/questions by e-mail.

Any queries regarding Malpractice and/or Special Consideration must be referred to the relevant Awarding Organisation directly. Click here for contact details.

Please note, the JCQ is unable to advise centres regarding the running of examinations for BTEC and other vocational qualifications, or IGCSE qualifications. If you have queries relating to BTEC and other vocational qualifications, or to IGCSE you will need to contact the relevant Awarding Organisation directly.