Within this section you will find JCQ forms for Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration.

From 1 September 2018 Functional Skills qualifications were no longer covered by the JCQ publication Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments.

In light of this, the following JCQ forms were withdrawn:

Form 1: Application for Access Arrangements

Form 7: Application for Modified Papers

Form 8A: Assessing Candidates for Access Arrangements

Form 9: Arrangements permitted by the centre

Form 11: Notification of Access Arrangements – ELC qualifications*

Form 12: Application for Access Arrangements – ELC qualifications

The relevant awarding body/bodies should be contacted regarding the administrative arrangements for Functional Skills qualifications.

*Form 11 has now been withdrawn in paper format and can be found with other online forms within the Centre Admin Portal (CAP).

Please note, Form 4: Word Processor Cover Sheet has now been withdrawn as it will no longer be in use from September 2020.