This is a rewarding role that supports students’ progression and that many teachers find helpful in terms of developing a better understanding of what is required in examining. We’re looking for both experienced teachers and those earlier in their teaching careers, you can mark for multiple boards and don’t have to be teaching a board’s specification to qualify. Training is provided by the exam boards and examining is remunerated and can be delivered alongside existing teaching roles.

Exam boards are in the process of finalising their teams for this summer’s activity applications are particularly welcomed in the following subject areas:

Art and DesignGCSE
Art and DesignA-Level
Child DevelopmentOCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National
Creative MediaOCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National
EngineeringOCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National
Extended Project
Life and Health SciencesA-Level
Media StudiesA-Level
Media StudiesGCSE
Nutrition and FoodGCSE
Nutrition and FoodA-Level
Occupational StudiesOS
Performing ArtsA-Level
Physical EducationA-Level
Physical EducationGCSE
Professional Business ServicesA-Level
Religious StudiesA-Level
Sport ScienceOCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National
Technology and DesignA-Level
Thematic StudiesGCSE

Further details on these subjects and the exam boards can be found at

Examiners are part of teams that ensure students receive the results they deserve. The benefits for examiners are experience and:

  • a chance to network with other subject experts
  • an insight into the latest approaches to how your subject is assessed


All this and you will also earn some extra income for approximately three weeks of work.

Further information about the role of examining can be found on the JCQ Become an Examiner webpages. For specific information about the subjects, required roles and criteria to examine for each examination board, refer directly to their dedicated webpages – these can be accessed via the quick links on the JCQ Become an Examiner webpage.

Please share this information with your teachers today so they can apply and help students get the results they are working hard to achieve.