CAP, Centre Admin Portal, allows centres to process alternative site arrangements, centre consortium arrangements, overnight supervision arrangements, transferred candidate arrangements and very late arrivals on-line.

It also includes Access Arrangements Online, allowing centres to process access arrangements applications and order modified papers, as well as interactive JCQ documentation.

Through CAP you will be able to complete these forms online:

  • Alternative Site arrangements

  • Centre Consortium arrangements

  • Overnight supervision arrangements

  • Transferred Candidate arrangements

  • Very Late Arrivals

Clean and easy to use

CAP will improve the experience for centres and enable them to work efficiently.

You will access the AAO system from the CAP homepage, pulling all of your key activities into one ‘clean’ and modern experience.

Available on tablets as well as computers

We are all using different devices (computers, iPads or tablets) both at home and in the office. CAP will be available on tablet devices as well as your computer.

  • Simple and intuitive forms – Forms will be easy to navigate and complete

  • Search and submit easily – You will be able to search from the home page to make things as easy as possible

  • Training Guides – You will be able to access Training Documents for guidance

So CAP, Centre Admin Portal, covers:

  • AAO – Access Arrangements Online (access arrangements and modified papers)
  • Alternative site arrangements
  • Centre Consortium arrangements
  • Interactive JCQ documentation
  • Overnight supervision arrangements
  • Transferred candidate arrangements
  • Very Late Arrivals

The awarding body Customer Service Teams can help with any queries regarding CAP.






Further Links

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AAO – Frequently Asked Questions

AAO Useful Information

Access arrangements online (AAO) allows centres to submit access arrangements applications and order modified papers quickly and efficiently.