Access arrangements online (AAO) allows centres to submit access arrangements applications and order modified papers quickly and efficiently.

AAO covers the following qualifications:

AQA Applied General qualifications, AQA Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Technical qualifications, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Technicals, FSMQ, GCE, GCSE, OCR Level 3 Certificates, Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ), WJEC Level 1, Level 2 General qualifications, WJEC Level 1, Level 2 Vocational qualifications and WJEC Level 3 Applied qualifications.

Getting started

You can go to the Access arrangements online tool via any of the awarding body secure extranet sites:

Only one application is required for each candidate. Where AAO approves an access arrangement it can be applied to the candidate’s exams irrespective of the awarding body (subject to the JCQ regulations).

In around 90% of cases you will receive an instant decision from the system. Complex cases, known as awarding body referrals, will be forwarded on-line to the relevant awarding body for a decision. You should allow sufficient time for the awarding body to consider the case. The progress of these cases can be monitored on-line while the decision is awaited.

Candidate Data Protection Notice

The candidate’s consent must be obtained before his/her application is processed on-line.

The Data Protection Notice can be downloaded from the JCQ website –

The Data Protection Notice must be kept on file for inspection and presented to the JCQ Centre Inspector by the SENCo.