The JCQ Centre Inspection Service (CIS) operates on behalf of the JCQ Awarding Bodies. The CIS conducts inspections to support centres in delivering examinations. This safeguards the integrity of the examination system by ensuring JCQ regulations are adhered to and that examinations are administered fairly to all students.

The JCQ awarding bodies regularly review their processes, including the work of the JCQ CIS. In light of the changing education landscape, feedback from our centres and the need to strengthen the security of examinations, we have decided to introduce some changes over the next two academic years. These changes mean that:

  • There will be a wider variety of inspection types being conducted throughout the year
  • Centres may receive multiple inspections during one examination series
  • A greater emphasis will be placed upon question paper security and examination best practice

Starting from autumn 2018 the JCQ CIS will be expanding the range of inspections to complement the current summer General Inspections, pre-registration visits, Change of address/secure storage visits and Access Arrangements inspections. The new inspections will include the following:

  • Readiness inspections: Ensuring centres are fully prepared for an
    upcoming examination series
  • Question paper inspections: Inspections to ensure question papers
    for a particular subject are stored appropriately in accordance with the published regulations
  • General inspections during the November examination series: Making sure centres’ procedures for delivering examinations are in accordance with the published JCQ regulations

Please direct any queries to the JCQ Centre Inspection Service (