Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use in Assessments: Protecting the Integrity of Qualifications

The JCQ AI Use in Assessments: Protecting the Integrity of Qualifications guidance is intended to provide teachers/assessors involved in delivering JCQ qualifications with the information they need to manage use of AI in assessments.

Update: February 2024

We’ve updated the JCQ AI Use in Assessments guidance.


The guidance is designed to help students and teachers to complete NEAs, coursework and other internal assessments successfully. These assessments give students the chance to demonstrate skills which cannot be assessed in exams.


Please share the new version of the AI Use Guidance with senior leaders, teachers and assessors in your school or college. It’s vital the guidance informs school policies on AI use, and schools and colleges provide staff and students with clear information.


This article sets out the improvements made to the guidance in this latest version and the rationale. Thanks to those who took part in a recent survey. Your feedback helped us to make these improvements.