Following the Ofqual consultation in November 2017 on revised assessment arrangements for the GCSE(9-1) computer science programming project this document sets out the revised requirements for the delivery of the programming project for GCSE (9-1) computer science in 2019 and 2020.

The awarding bodies recognise that the skills and knowledge developed through the programming project is an important element of the course; centres must ensure that students have the opportunity to complete this part of the course.


  • Centres must ensure that students have the opportunity to spend 20 hours of timetabled time on the project task for 2019 and 2020.
  • Students should work individually, and write up their account of the assignment, covering each part of the programming project. The work submitted must reference any resources used, or support given, where appropriate.
  • Teachers must not: restrict candidates to specific solutions, provide partial or entire solutions, or give writing frames and/or templates beyond support supplied by your exam board.
  • Centres must submit a declaration signed by the Head of Centre to confirm that these requirements have been met.

Centres should refer to their awarding body’s specification and associated documentation for specific rules and deadlines relating to the conduct of the programming project.

Awarding bodies will monitor delivery of the programming project by:
Selecting, collecting and monitoring a sample of student work from each centre. Your awarding body will check that the sample provides evidence that the requirements outlined above have been met.
If the sample of student work does not provide evidence that the centre has met the requirements above, the relevant awarding body’s investigations team will initiate a malpractice investigation. In such cases JCQ procedures for investigating suspected malpractice or maladministration will be followed. See for further information.
If you have any queries regarding this document, please contact your chosen awarding organisation: