Where candidates from different centres are taught and assessed together, but will be entered through the centre at which they are on roll, the relevant awarding body must be informed, using the online form, accessed via the Centre Admin Portal (CAP), that the centres wish to be treated as a consortium.

Centre consortium arrangements must apply to all the candidates entered for the relevant centre-assessed component/unit across all centres in the consortium. 


  • 1. For each centre-assessed component/unit centres must carry out internal standardisation of marking across the consortium.


  • 2. The centres in the consortium must nominate a consortium co-ordinator who undertakes to liaise with the awarding body/bodies on behalf of all the centres. Centres will need to provide the contact details of the lead centre and co-ordinator, list all the centres within the consortium and the component/unit details of the relevant assessment.


  • 3. The awarding body will allocate the same moderator to each centre in the consortium and the candidates will be treated as a single group for the moderation of centre-assessed work.


  • 4. Before commencing the moderation process, the awarding body will inform moderators of any consortia in their allocation. A single sample will be selected which includes representative coverage of the range of marks across the whole consortium, normally including the highest and lowest mark within the consortium.


  • 5. Each centre in the consortium will receive a report from the moderator, in addition to a report detailing the allocation of marks.


  • 6. If a consortium submits a request for a review of moderation, the work must be available from all the centres in the consortium, as it is the original sample that is reviewed.


  • 7. Candidates’ work from all the centres in the consortium must be retained until after the closing date for review of results for the series concerned or until after any appeal, malpractice or other results enquiry has been completed, whichever is later.


  • 8. Consortium co-ordinators must submit a form for each series on-line using the Centre Admin Portal (CAP), which can be accessed via any of the awarding bodies’ secure extranet sites no later than: 

    1st October 2019 for the November 2019 examination series 

    31st January 2020 for the June 2020 examination series† 

    For other qualification types and other examination series during the course of the academic year 2019/2020 please see the relevant awarding body’s website. 

    †Where a centre-assessed component/unit is subject to visiting moderation, please see the relevant awarding body’s website. The awarding body will advise the centre of the date by which the form must be submitted to them. 

This form does not need to be completed for the Practical Skills Endorsement, A-level Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics, with the exception of centres in Wales offering WJEC specifications.