1. A candidate who arrives after the start of the examination may be allowed to enter the examination room and sit the examination. This is entirely at the discretion of the centre.
    The centre must warn the candidate that the awarding body may not accept their script where they arrive very late for the examination.
  2. A candidate who arrives late and is permitted by the centre to sit the examination must be allowed the full time for the examination.
  3. For an examination of more than one hour, there is not a requirement to complete this form for those candidates who arrive within one hour of the awarding body’s published starting time.
  4. A candidate will be considered very late if they arrive more than one hour after the awarding body’s published starting time for an examination of more than one hour.
  5. For examinations of less than one hour, a candidate will be considered very late if they arrive after the awarding body’s published finishing time for the examination.
  6. Centres must submit this form online, using the Centre Admin Portal (CAP), to the appropriate awarding body within seven working days of the date of the examination concerned. CAP can be accessed via any of the awarding bodies’ secure extranet sites.
  7. Centres must complete the following fields: Centre details, Candidate details, Awarding Body, Qualification, Exam Series, Subject or component code.
  8. Centres must complete the field headed ‘Time candidate came under centre staff supervision’.
  9. In the field ‘Reason for late arrival’, centres should state precisely the nature of the circumstances resulting in the candidate’s late arrival. Centres should give details of any special arrangements made for the candidate to reach the centre.
  10. In the appropriate fields, centres should state the actual time at which the centre started and finished the examination, and the time at which the candidate concerned started and finished the examination.
  11. Centres must complete the field headed ‘What assurances can you provide that the candidate did not access and was not made aware of the paper’s content prior to sitting the exam’.
  12. Centres should attach to the form any evidence which indicates that the candidate was late for reasons beyond their control and/or which has given them the assurances detailed in point 11 above. This evidence may include statements (e.g. from the candidate, a parent, third parties), images (e.g. of traffic disruption) or other documents.
  13. The head of centre must be made aware of the need to submit the form and authorises its submission.
  14. Scripts must be sent to the awarding body/examiner in the normal way.