In addition to these guidance notes centres must also refer to the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting examinations:—instructions-for-conducting-examinations 

  • 1. An online submission must only be made for timetabled written examinations in the following qualifications:
  • • AEA
    • AQA Applied General qualifications
    • AQA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Technical qualifications
    • BTEC qualifications (BTEC Firsts, BTEC Nationals and BTEC Tech Awards)
    • Cambridge Nationals
    • Cambridge Technicals
    • Edexcel Awards
    • Edexcel International GCSE
    • ELC
    • FSMQ
    • GCE
    • GCSE
    • OCR Level 3 Certificates
    • WJEC Level 1 and Level 2 General qualifications
    • WJEC Level 1 and Level 2 Vocational Awards and Certificates
    • WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificates, Diplomas and Extended Diplomas.

    For any other qualification please contact the relevant awarding body for guidance.

    An online submission is made via the Centre Admin Portal (CAP). CAP can be accessed via any of the awarding bodies’ secure extranet sites.

  • 2. An online submission must not be made for non-timetabled assessments, e.g. GCSE controlled assessments, GCE coursework, GCE/GCSE non-examination assessments, MFL Speaking Tests or practical assessments. If an alternative site is required for a non-timetabled assessment centres must contact the awarding body for guidance.
  • 3. An online submission must only be made when a centre intends to conduct an examination for any candidates at an address other than the centre’s registered address (see the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting examinations).
  • 4. Alternative site arrangements do not cover transferred candidate arrangements.
  • 5. Any queries about the suitability of the proposed site must be discussed with the JCQ Centre Inspection Service before completing the online form.
  • 6. Question papers and examination stationery must be kept under secure conditions at the centre’s registered address until 90 minutes before the awarding body’s published starting time for the examination. The question papers will then be taken to the examination venue by a member of centre staff.
  • 7. It is the centre’s responsibility to ensure that question papers and examination stationery are transported securely within 90 minutes of the awarding body’s published starting time for the examination.
  • 8. Material must not be transported under any circumstances before the day of the examination.
  • 9. The head of centre is responsible for ensuring that the examination(s) will be conducted as detailed in the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting examinations.

The notification of intent to conduct examinations at an alternative site must be submitted online no later than six weeks before the start of the examination series.

However, if the notification is for a candidate to sit an examination at home or in hospital due to a medical condition, it may not be possible to submit the information six weeks in advance. In these circumstances a late submission should be made as soon as the details are known.

If the centre subsequently identifies that the alternative site arrangement is no longer required, then it should be withdrawn online using the Centre Admin Portal.

NB The use of an alternative site is not an arrangement that requires advance approval. The online form is completed to notify the JCQ Centre Inspection Service that the centre will be conducting examinations away from the registered address. Once the form has been submitted, it is not necessary to contact the JCQ Centre Inspection Service for confirmation that the arrangement has been approved.

For advice: 

Centres in England and Scotland 


Tel. 01483 556 271

Centres in Wales 


Tel. 02920 265 077

Centres in Northern Ireland 


Tel. 028 9026 1293