General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017

A general election has been called for Thursday 8 June 2017.  It is expected that primary schools will constitute the majority of school premises used for polling stations.  However, any secondary school that has part of its premises requisitioned, and is administering GCSE or GCE examinations on 8 June, is recommended to contact the local authority to ensure no disruption is caused to learners. The school must ensure the security of the examinations and must follow JCQ’s Instructions for conducting examinations.  The school should also contact the relevant awarding body to seek advice prior to the administration of any examination(s).   

The awarding bodies have decided that there will be no changes to the examinations timetable on Thursday 8 June when the following examinations are scheduled to take place:


GCE (Legacy)

8 June


GCE (Legacy)

Mathematics (2)

Numeracy (2) Wales

Environmental Technology (1)





Bengali (2)

Design & Technology (3) Ind.Tech

Economics (2)

Psychology (2)

Government & Politics AS (2)

Government & Politics A2 (1)

Physics AS (2)


Archaeology A2 (1)

Anthropology A2 (2)

Geology A2 (2)

Leisure Studies A2 (1)

Performance Studies A2 (1)

Sociology A2 (1)



GCE (New)



GCE (New)




Welsh A2 (1)







Physics AS (2)

Sociology AL (1)