On 9th September 2019 the JCQ sponsored Independent Commission on Malpractice made its recommendations to future-proof the examination system in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. JCQ has published an interim response to the Commission today.

The Commission made two key recommendations: the ban on all watches in the examination room and the use of a single term ‘malpractice’.

From January to March 2020 JCQ will hold two consultations with stakeholders on the following:

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to recognise a smart-watch. However, an outright ban on all watches would affect centres. In addition, arrangements would need to be made for candidates who have a need for a watch. An impact analysis of any outright ban will be carried out and a consultation with stakeholders, will inform any decision on the potential banning of watches.
  • At present the terms ‘malpractice’ and ‘maladministration’ are used by the awarding bodies. JCQ will consult to ascertain if there is support for the use of a single term of ‘malpractice’.

    In 2020 we will relaunch our website so that stakeholders can sign-up to a regular subscription JCQ e-newsletter that will give details of our work, publications and changes to the examination system.

    JCQ ensures fairness across the qualifications system for all candidates by working to prevent, investigate and address all instances of malpractice.